Perfect Shelf Execution & Retail compliance with ShelfWatch.

Perfect Shelf Execution & Retail Compliance With ShelfWatch.

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Perfect Shelf Execution & Retail compliance with ShelfWatch.
On Sales Side, there are 3 fundamental rules for success in FMCG industry.

1. Distribution 2. Shelving Locations & Eye Level 3. Consumer decision making at POS.
These 3 rules are inter connected, inseparable and together define the moment of truth for the success of our Brands versus the Competitors’.
ShelfWatch (by ParallelDots) is a tool that captures this very essence of success formula for every FMCG brand and category.

This video introduces the ease & effectiveness of ShelfWatch that is an AI tool.
To know more, connect and contact now for a Free consultation @; the authorized distributor for ShelfWatch in the region.

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