Focus M sustainability policies are relevant practices we integrated into our core corporate strategies and implementations. To us, sustainability is not just a trendy-phrase but an important checklist that guides us in operating our business activities in a manner that benefits not only us, but all our stakeholders and the environment in general.


Focus M is strongly committed to Corporate Social Responsibility in the delivery of our exceptional results. Our values and success as a business is deeply rooted in the effective adoption and implementation of a transparent Corporate Social Responsibility. Thus, as a socially responsible entity, Focus M seeks to improve public good by providing them goods and services that are safe and healthy to the consumer and also to the environment. We are keenly aware of our responsibility to our stakeholders which includes customers, employees, suppliers and investors and thrive daily to fulfill them at the optimum level. This further emphasizes our responsible business practices and ensures that Focus M efforts to fulfill its sustainability objectives and corporate responsibility are duly aligned.


Focus M implements flexible yet effective employee policies that helps employees to connect the dots between the significance of their roles and the goals of the company. This promotes not only a culture of participation but that of ownership in the achievement of the company’s goals. Also, we have carefully put in effect, measures to prevent workplace hazards related to health and safety, so that employees are more secure and productive. Furthermore, we go the extra mile to provide employees much more than career opportunities, safety and financial gains – to provide them with unparalleled work-life balance. In turn, we are surrounded by engaged and energetic global workforce that positively influences Focus M performance locally and internationally.


Focus M has crossed many milestones and has successfully helped many companies gain more revenue and growth, simply by the impact of an all-inclusive and equal corporate culture. We recognize and put into practice, the fact that results are produced by the execution of certain skills or expertise and not because of one’s gender.  Hence, we continue to foster gender equality in all corporate activities and policies in order to provide a work environment that is of equal opportunity and equal representation for all individuals.


Focus M is committed to providing safe and healthy workplace for our employees and we are also committed to maintaining a positive impact of the firm’s operations on the general environment by:

  • Transacting with environmentally conscious and active businesses.
  • Complying with all applicable environmental laws and sustainability policies.
  • Ensuring that our products and packaging are safe for our stakeholders and the environment.
  • Constantly evaluating the environmental concerns and effects of our products and packaging.
  • Promoting the use of recycled materials or tools as often as feasible.
  • Regularly training employees to be environmentally sound and active.
  • Promoting and marketing goods that are not harmful to the environment, whether during production or after consumption.
  • Incorporating energy efficiency measures into the use of our facilities at all times.
  • Reducing or preventing the environmental impact of our products and packaging through their design, manufacture, distribution, use and disposal.
  • Providing our customers, employees, partners, public interest groups and others with appropriate information about the environmental quality of our products and packaging.
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